The ECR is a leadership development tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s leadership potential based on their emotional intelligence.  Ever increasing volumes of research identify the positive correlation between a high performing leader and high emotional capital.  The ECR tool is science led, founded on the latest field tested psychometrics used to develop leaders and improve performance.  The ECR is a practical tool that takes between 10 – 15 minutes to complete and individual scores are benchmarked against a database of 10,000 high performing global leaders.  The service includes:

  • A comprehensive personal report providing a deep insight on ten key core competencies that determine your emotional capital
  • 90 minutes coaching
  • Opportunity to assess peer and colleague insight through the ECR 360 system


  • Practical pathway to build emotional intelligence
  • Promoting behaviours that develop inspiring leaders
  • Develop tactics to systematically develop leaders  to support engaging cultures


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