As a certified executive coach, Susan adopts a people-centered approach to her coaching. Using researched tools underpinned by her extensive mindfulness training Susan provides a space for individuals to experience transformative results.

The ECR is a leadership development tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s leadership potential based on their emotional intelligence.  Research identifies the positive correlation between high-performing leaders and high emotional capital.  The ECR tool is science-led, founded on the latest field-tested psychometrics used to develop leaders and improve performance.  The ECR is a practical tool scores are benchmarked against a database of 10,000 plus high-performing global leaders.


  • Solid framework provided through the ECR Report to support your development
  • Learn specific competencies that strengthen your emotional intelligence
  • Increase self and social awareness
  • Deepen relationship skills
  • Provide independent space to reflect and reframe discussions on personal growth and professional potential

The coaching program is determined based on the client’s needs.

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