“Susan is extremely knowledgeable in her field, her coaching was detailed and personally tailored to my needs. She provided  excellent insights to maximise my impact professionally. I took so much from the coaching sessions and would highly recommend it. Thanks”

Edward McGarty, Mitie




Coaching Pressure into Performance

Susan adopts a people-centred mindful approach to coaching. She draws on researched tools and her 25 years plus corporate experience, to provide a space for individuals to experience transformational results.

Susan uses a range of tools including the  ECR ( Emotional Capital Report ) which provides a comprehensive assessment of your professional competencies based on your emotional intelligence. Research identifies the positive correlation between high-performing leaders and high emotional intelligence. The exciting news is that by using the correct tools your emotional capability can be strengthened.

The ECR tool is science-led, founded on the latest field-tested psychometrics used to develop leaders and improve performance.  The ECR scores are benchmarked against a database of 10,000 plus high-performing global leaders.

Benefits of Coaching

  • Provides a solid framework to support your personal and professional development
  • Learn tools to strengthen your EI capability
      • Increase self and social awareness
      • Deepen relationship skills
      • Builds confidence
  • Opportunity to align both professional and personal values with what you do
  • Unlock your potential, identify areas for growth and develop an actionable personal development plan to realise your goals


SK Coaching Programme

  • Provides a safe space for personal self-exploration
  • Working with a professional with a track record and extensive experience
  • Susan is confident in challenging ingrained perceptions, that inhibit personal growth


SK Coaching is not

  • A prescriptive consulting session – you will discover your professional and personal goals with our support
  • Therapy or positive psychology, the hard questions will be asked.
  • Not a magic want, takes time and commitment


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