This is a one-day course targeted at team leaders and managers.  The objective of the course is to introduce participants to mindfulness and provide an insight on how mindfulness enhances core competencies for leaders in  challenging environments.  In addition to introducing tools, the course provides an opportunity for managers, to stand back, self- nourish and participate in group think on exploring challenges of managing people in a fact pace always on business environment.


Learning objectives

  • Understand what mindfulness is and what it is not
  • Explore Emotional Intelligence
  • Learn tools on how to increase emotional intelliegence
  • Enhance understanding of how perception impacts our unconscious bias
  • Develop deep listening skills
  • Roadmap on developing mindfulness in the workplace.


Target Audience

Any person with people managing responsibilities, who is interested in getting the best from employees by cultivating work environments that encourages engagement, collaboration, and good employee wellbeing


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