Mindful Leading is a one-day course targeted at team leaders and middle management.  The science demonstrates mindfulness enhances resiliences, increases self-awareness, and deepens connections, key skills required for managing our new way of working.

Hybrid working is here to stay.  The need for team leads to understand the nuances of managing remote working is essential to ensure workers are engaged, remain motivated, and manage workplace stress.  Mindfulness builds self and social awareness, core competencies that contribute to strengthening your emotional intelligence which enhances team leading skills.

This course provides an excellent insight into the science behind mindfulness, and how it can be integrated into the workplace.


  • Learn the science behind mindfulness and understanding mindfulness
  • Develop tools to support your mindfulness practice
  • Understand stress and habitual ways to react to stress
  • Explore emotional  intelligence and mindfulness
  • Build Mindful Communication Skills
  • Roadmap on how you can introduce mindfulness practices into your workday.


Target Audience

Any person with people managing responsibilities, who are interested in integrating mindfulness into the workday.


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This course can be scheduled over one or two half days, for further information click here