The Mindfulness in Business Series draws on the scientifically critiqued Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course.  Individuals learn tools that build self-awareness and presence which are key competencies in building emotional intelligence. The training provides an opportunity to step back and learn practical tools to integrate into your workday to be more present and increase resilience.


Six 1 1/2 hours modules over six weeks.


  • Understand mindfulness and the science behind it
  • Learn tools to build self-awareness and presence
  • Understand stress and learn to respond rather than react to stressors
  • Deepen communication skills
  • Develop a roadmap on how to integrate safe and sustainable mindfulness programs into your workplace


Home practice will be required.


Target Audience

HR, People Managers, Corporate Wellness Champions that  are interested in building an organisational culture that where employees are more present and understanding