It is recommended to complete the Introduction to Workplace Mindfulness before completing this course.  This course draws on the scientifically critiqued Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. It explores researched techniques on mindfulness, teaches you tools to develop a personal practice and develops a roadmap on how mindfulness is integrated into your workplace.

This is a six-module course that can be completed over 2 days, or weekly over six weeks.

The course delivery is a combination of instructor-led, experiential learning and group discussion.


  • Understand mindfulness and the science behind it
  • Learn tools and technique to practice mindfulness
  • Understand stress and your habitual ways of reacting
  • Learn how to manage stress through mindfulness tools
  • Developing mindful communication techniques
  • Explore the business case for introducing mindfulness into your business
  • Develop a roadmap on how you integrate mindfulness into your workplace


Target Audience

HR, People Managers, Corporate Wellness Champions interested in building an organisational culture that builds staff resilience increases collaboration, and enhances employee attention.


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