The MBSR course is two-hour weekly sessions and one retreat over eight weeks.  Participants develop an understanding about mindfulness through experiential learning, group discussion and are encouraged to cultivate a regular mindfulness practice.  The MBSR programme is an accredited course that explores researched techniques and theories on mindfulness.  The programme design encourages a progressive development of mindfulness skills throughout the course though experiential learning.  Research demonstrates this format promotes behavioural changes.

The course consists of 2 ½ sessions over eight weeks and one retreat day.  (This course can be customised to address client’s time constraints if required). The training is instructor led, with a strong emphasis on participant participation through experiential learning and guided meditation sessions.  The course includes a session on the practical application of mindfulness in everyday life and the workplace. The greatest skills we can nurture are those that achieve mind space.


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an understanding of mindfulness
  • Cultivate a regular mindfulness practice
  • Enhanced self and social awareness
  • Increased attention
  • Understand stress, the symptoms of anxiety and identify your peak performance stress-level
  • Enhance listening and communication skills
  • Know the difference between RUMINATION and REFLECTION
  • Learn to harness emotions to manage challenging situations more effectively
  • Learn techniques to cultivate everyday application of mindfulness


Target Audience

Anyone interested exploring mindfulness and cultivating a regular mindfulness practice to enhance resilience and develop a greater ability to engage wisely with life.


Additional Resources

Health Questionnaire

Pre-evaluation course questionnaire

Introduction and course outline


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