Live Workplace Mindfulness Sessions provide an opportunity for employees to step back from the busy day,  to collectively create space and nurture a habit of practicing self-awareness in the workplace. The activity, of tuning in together for a short meditation practice, deepens connections, and actively encourages employees to take time out to practice selfcare.  Such an initiative further demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to building a culture that supports employee wellbeing.

Research shows that as little as a ten minute daily mindful breathing practice enhances the prefrontal cortex activation, which is that part of the brain responsible for emotional regulation and processing skills.

The live practice can be structured to meet your organisation’s needs in terms of time and length.



  • Increases employee engagement  
  • Embeds a practice that promotes clarity of thought, creativity, and confidence
  • Cultivates a habit of pausing, finding space
  • Reduces the ‘hurried mentality’ 
  • Promotes the organisation’s corporate wellness culture
  • Supports collaboration


Target audience

Any individual interested in practicing self-care, cultivating a habit of pausing, building resilience, and enhancing collaboration.


Contact us with any questions

We are more than happy to answer any questions or enquiries on Live Workplace Mindfulness Sessions or bespoke needs. Please go to our contact page to get in touch. The page can be found here or by clicking ‘contact‘ in the menu.


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