Live Mindfulness Sessions

Provides an opportunity for employees to pause, to collectively create space and nurture a habit of practicing conscious awareness in the workplace.  This simple activity, of tuning in together for a short practice,  deepens connections, and further anchors an organisation’s wellness culture.


The live practice can be  structured to meet your organisation’s needs.






Live Mindfulness Sessions

A live mindfulness session provides a space in the corporate environment for all to collectively practice mindfulness.  Research demonstrates, short regular practices have impact.  The sessions can be structured to meet your organisation’s need.

Target audience

Any individual interested in practicing self-care, cultivating a habit of pausing, building resilience and enhancing collaboration.


  • Increases employee engagement  
  • Embeds a practice that promotes clarity of thought, creativity and confidence
  • Cultivates a habit of  pausing, finding space
  • Reduces the ‘hurried mentality’ 
  • Promotes the organisation’s corporate wellness culture
  • Supports collaboration


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