Mindfulness builds resilience, promotes self-awareness, and deepens connections,  which have been eroded in the aftermath of the pandemic. Mindfulness is a tool that is gaining popularity in the workplace, however, how it is implemented determines its success.  Understanding mindfulness and putting a framework in place that supports a safe approach to mindfulness in the workplace are prerequisites before embarking on workplace mindfulness initiatives.

The purpose of the Mindful Connection is to support sustainable and safe mindfulness at work initiatives.  The Mindful Connection is a  free resource for those interested or in the process of introducing mindfulness in a safe and meaningful way to the workplace.  The community provides a platform to connect, share ideas on workplace mindfulness initiatives, and learn short mindfulness practices suitable for the workplace.


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Format: 45 Minutes

  1. Short Mindful Practice followed by an appreciative inquiry session.
  2. Reflection on mindfulness at work theme.


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Susan Keane will be delivering this training. Susan has over twenty-five years of experience working and advising corporates on sustainable organisational wellbeing strategies and is a KeepWell Mark advisor.  She specialises in mindful ECR coaching and is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.

Susan is a member of the MTAI and is chairperson of the MTAI’s Workplace Mindfulness Group. The purpose of this working group is to develop standards around implementing workplace mindfulness programmes that adhere to the MTAI’s Code of Practice.