Building a Sustainable Corporate Wellbeing Strategy

Participants learn about the key pillars that underpin organisational wellbeing, and how to develop a strategy that aligns with the organisation’s values. Corporate wellbeing impacts all aspects of a business.  Businesses that adopt an integrated and sustainable approach to organisational wellbeing experience:

  1. Increased employee engagement
  2. Greater collaboration
  3. Lower absenteeism
  4. Reduced staff turnover
  5. Enhanced talent attraction
  6. Strengthening of your organisation’s brand



  • Understanding what is corporate wellbeing and how it supports a business’ objectives
  • Explores key pillars which underpin a corporate wellbeing strategy
  • Identifies challenges in implementing a sustainable corporate wellbeing strategy
  • Provides a framework from which to develop a corporate wellbeing strategy
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
  • Be aware of latest research on corporate welbeing
  • Equipped with a roadmap to build a sustainable corporate wellbeing strategy


Target Audience 

Business owners, HR and business leaders who are interested in embedding a sustainable corporate wellness strategy.


About Susan Keane 

As a  KeepWell Mark ambassador, Susan assesses wellbeing plans and provides advice on developing sustainable engaging corporate wellbeing strategies that align with client companies values.   She also is an ECR coach and a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher and is currently chairing the MTAI’s Workplace Mindfulness Group. The purpose of this group is to develop standards around the implementation of workplace mindfulness initiatives that adhere to the MTAI’s Code of Practice.