The Influencing Culture Through Corporate Wellness workshop explores processes on how to develop and embed a corporate wellness strategy that aligns to an organisation’s objectives.  Investing in corporate wellness is a core strategy which underpins your organisation’s competitiveness.

Corporate wellness impacts all aspects of a business, and anchors a growth mindset culture which engages people, deepens collaboration and supports innovation. Corporate wellness culture, Employee wellness, Corporate wellness pillars, corporate wellness strategy and sustainable corporate wellness are all covered in this course.

Learning outcomes

  • What is a corporate wellness strategy and how it supports a business’ objectives?
  • Learning the impact of culture on wellness
  • Explores key pillars which underpin a corporate wellness strategy
  • Translating a corporate wellness strategy into action
  • Role of stakeholders
  • Identifies challenges in implementing a sustainable corporate wellness strategy
  • Provides a framework from which to develop a corporate wellness strategy


Target Audience 

HR and business leaders who are interested in embedding a sustainable corporate wellness strategy.


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