About Susan Keane

Susan has worked for over twenty-five years in a wide range of organisations, with first-hand experience working directly for corporates in operational, team lead and director roles. She understands businesses, particularly the challenges of middle management in building connection and collaboration in teams.

After graduating from UCD (B.Comm), Susan qualified as an accountant (ACMA) and is an accredited coach and a mindfulness teacher.  To further strengthen her coaching skills she completed the ECR certification and engages in continuous supervision and training.

She was recently appointed a national Mental Health First Aider Instructor, which compliments the work she does in implementing safe sustainable workplace mindfulness training programmes.

She continuously engages in training and supervision, and recently obtained the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation Workplace Mindfulness teacher certification, which provides further depth in her knowledge on implementing sustainable and impactful workplace mindfulness training.

The Keepwell Mark Logo - for companiesAs an accredited Ibec KeepWell Mark consultant, she understands the challenges face in creating mental resilience, collaborative connected employees. Her work includes advising clients on sustainable corporate wellbeing strategies and implementing team centred mindful programmes that cultivate behavioural change to manage stress, deepen engagement and create workplace cultures where people thrive.


When coaching clients, Susan focuses on providing a safe space for individuals to explore and identify actions to unlock their potential. Combining mindfulness knowledge with researched coaching tools, Susan adopts a person-centred approach for individuals to tap into their potential. The space provides an opportunity for clients to become aware of unhelpful habits and build competencies that support and enable them to excel and be their best selves.


Susan has been practicing contemplative practices for decades. She qualified as a hatha yoga teacher (YFNI 2007)  completed her MBSR training in the Mindful Academy Solterenno Spain, and continues to deepen her mindfulness expertise through CPD programs, retreats, and participating in supervision work. Through her own personal experiences, she recognises, and increasingly research demonstrates that mindfulness is a force for positive change in the workplace,  when implemented in a safe and sustainable way, in cultures that are compatible with the mindfulness foundations.

The Mindfulness in Business Series is informed by the latest research in mindfulness and our expert knowledge and understanding of the challenges businesses face in building connected and mentally resilient employees.

Organisations that have participated include Alkermes, Ibec, Irish Wheelchair Associations, Vistatec, and 4Most UK.

Susan is a member of the Mindfulness Teachers Association (MTAI) and was the inaugural chairperson of the MTAI Workplace Mindfulness Group. She engages in supervision and continuous professional development.


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“Susan is very passionate about wellness and constantly promotes the wellness agenda. More importantly, she understands how wellness contributes to both the hard financial measurements and to employee welfare and engagement levels.”

B Kelly Vhi