Mindfulness at Work? Seriously

Workplace Mindfulness ‘Mindfulness in business? Seriously?’ This tends to be the reaction of people towards mindfulness-based workplace interventions. This is quite understandable. But with over twenty five years working in corporate, an expert advisor for developing KWM-accredited wellbeing strategies and a graduate of the ‘Oxford Foundation Mindfulness in the Workplace’ programme, I assure you that [...]

Embracing Vulnerability – Only When the Culture is Right

Have you ever experienced a meeting at work where your gut feeling tells you that something discussed isn’t right? Or perhaps you received an email and the tone created tension in you. You noticed the mind talk, and it annoyed and maybe even angered you. You wanted to respond but something holds you back. There […]

National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023 : How To Support Your Employees on April 28th and beyond.

When is National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023? National Workplace Wellbeing Day takes place on Friday April 28th 2023. This day offers companies a moment to rebalance and refocus on supports that will benefit employees’ social, mental and physical wellbeing. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the […]

The Impact of Our Words

The power of words cannot be underestimated. Our words have the ability to shape our lives and influence our decisions. They can make us laugh, cry, think, and create. They can be used to express our feelings or to communicate our thoughts. Words can also be powerful tools of persuasion, therefore they we must mindfully use them

Why Mindfulness Training?

Mindfulness is effective in creating the space to step back from the crazy busyness of the day. In that space creativity, connectivity and collaboration grows. The Blindspot However, as teachers our enthusiasm about the benefits of mindfulness can create a blind spot that interferes with clearly identifying an organisation’s needs. There is a danger that […]

Knowing the Difference Between An Organisational & Individual Approach to Mindfulness

  Adopting a collective approach to workplace mindfulness will be a key determinant of its success in your organisation. Recently, I read an article by Sanah Ahsan which struck a chord with me. I felt some of the points made in the article related to the corporate wellness agenda and how mindfulness is delivered in […]

Influencial Leaders Do It…

  Influential leaders do it. According to Peter Drucker, an eminent influential thinker on management, “People who are able to see clearly gain an advantage over those unable to step out of outworn, habitual ways of perceiving— especially when faced with chaos.” Mindfulness challenges our habitual ways of reacting and perceiving. There is much misunderstanding […]

3 Necessary Actions to Create a Psychologically Safe Workplace Culture

How is psychological safety actually applied in the workplace?   Simply put, psychological safety is the creation of an environment where individuals feel free to speak up, to challenge decisions, or to voice concern without fear.   In essence, psychological safety is emotional exposure. Emotions are strong urges that stir up within us – they […]

Five Easy Leadership Practices that Support Employee Wellbeing

  Understanding business obligations while adopting leadership practices that support employee well-being is essential. Leading is complex however, it is vital leadership practices that support employee wellbeing are integrated into an organisation’s daily operating processes. Managers must not only manage, but also lead, and there is a difference. Managing is process-driven and ensures that checks […]

A Powerful way to Build an Inclusive Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Kellogg’s announcement that it will provide additional support to staff experiencing menopause, pregnancy loss or fertility treatment is progressive and timely, Such challenging life events are part of the human experience.  A key challenge for organisations is developing inclusive employee wellbeing strategies that recognise and support the whole human experience. Such an approach is a […]

Pandemic and Business Disruption

The pandemic is a major disruptor of the 21st Century. In addition to the human hardship it’s causing, businesses have no choice but to re-evaluate how they do business. The pandemic highlighted the importance of managing mental health and wellbeing.  Organisations are facing increasing anxiety,  fear, and stress amongst employees.  Additionally navigating blended working adds […]

Very Simple Ways to Keep Your Wellbeing Strategy Engaging

Are employees disengaged? Has it been a long year? Are you finding productivity falling and employees disengaged despite all your corporate wellbeing efforts? This is a challenge for many companies. This post explores how to create an engaging wellbeing strategy using simple tools.  The continuing uncertainty around the pandemic, heightened fears over returning to work […]

Avoiding employee cynicism in your corporate wellbeing strategy?

Recently, while enjoying the simple pleasures of good company and a conversation on food, a friend mentions, ‘My company delivers Dropchef hampers’. Given the work I do, receiving unsolicited insight into an organisation’s well-being initiatives always interests me, but his cynicism was palpable, which interested me more. In the work I do, I see a […]

Interested in learning tools to sustain your corporate wellness?

Human Capital For optimum results, human capital is a resource that requires active management. Leaders will often talk about people being the most valuable asset in their business, but organisations can be blind to the wear and tear that bad management practices have on the workforce. To maintain its value, an asset needs investment. If […]

How to Build Effective Mindfulness at Work Training Programmes

Mindfulness at Work After working for over twenty-five years for different companies, I have concluded that mindfulness has a place in the workplace. Workplaces are complex, fast-paced environments, which have become even more complex with hybrid working. In those moments when we are rushed with back-to-back meetings and competing deadlines, the idea of pausing is […]

Interested in Building a Powerful Skill like Emotional Intelligence?

Equipping team leads with high emotional intelligence is essential   Daniel Goldman describes emotional intelligence as ‘the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions in ourselves and in our relationships ‘. Emotional intelligence is about having self and social awareness, which enables you to manage […]

Are you feeling wellness fatigue in your company?

What is Wellness Fatigue? Many organisations have excellent wellness supports in place, and yet there appears to be a disconnect between the offerings and what employees are experiencing. Wellness fatigue is a key challenge for businesses over the next coming months. To ensure your company’s wellbeing events are relevant to staff’s needs understanding the levels […]

Stepping into 2021

It’s the start of a new year and many of the sentiments around are a sigh of relief 2020 has passed, with hope and expectations for 2021.  However, with the announcement of the new restrictive lockdown that sense of hope and enthusiasm is rapidly evaporating.  There is a sense of Groundhog Day as we juggle […]

The Power of Pause

The Power of Pause Are you … Rushing from one meeting to the next Interrupting in meetings so you can get your idea in Failing to truly listen to colleagues Making hasty decisions Feeling a sense of anxiousness looking at the endless list? In our multi-tasking lives, these kinds of behaviours are typical.  We’re simultaneously […]

Deflection, Avoidance, Fighting or Dancing: How do you react in stressful communications?

Introduction Research clearly shows that ineffective communication can literally erode organisational wellbeing and that the way people behave and communicate in stressful situations has a direct effect on outcomes. Good communication contributes to the wellness of an organization, creating open and trusting environments. How we communicate has a huge impact both on our personal and […]

Leading in Times of Crisis

‘A lack of transparency creates distrust and a deep sense of insecurity ‘ Dali Lama Leading in Times of Crisis – A study completed by Deloitte indicated that millennials in the US reported a gap in their leadership skills.  Interestingly, the skill gaps emerging are in the areas of soft skills and communication. The current […]

Mind yourself!…. Learn how through online Mindfulness classes

We’re living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and fear, exacerbated by emotional and financial pressures and unrestricted accessibility to always-on media reporting. And while we are all actively playing our part in slowing down the spread of COVID19 through self-isolation, social distancing and common sense community and self awareness measures, we need to be mindful […]

Are you a Mindful or Mindless Leader?

Delighted to hear some Irish parliamentarians are taking the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course.  It follows the UK mindfulness initiative that has been running for some years. An inter-parliamentary group was established to promote and embed mindfulness in Westminster.  However, given the history of recent Brexit negotiations one wonders just who is practising it. From an […]

Mindfulness’ Role in Catholic Ireland

It is with interest not surprise I read the Bishop of Waterford & Lismore Alphonsus Cullinan comments on mindfulness and yoga. I have been practising yoga/mindfulness for over twenty years, I am a qualified yoga and an accredited Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher. I had a traditional Irish catholic upbringing, I am a working mum […]

Is your company ready for mindfulness?

The mindful movement is gaining momentum and businesses are becoming aware of its benefits and potential. The challenge lies in safely transferring mindfulness skills and practices to the workplace to achieve desired outcomes. As a practitioner, I first ask clients about their expectations and commitment to a mindful programmes.  This question leads to a reflection on […]