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Mind yourself!…. Learn how through online Mindfulness classes

We’re living in unprecedented times of uncertainty and fear, exacerbated by emotional and financial pressures and unrestricted accessibility to always-on media reporting.
And while we are all actively playing our part in slowing down the spread of COVID19 through self-isolation, social distancing and common sense community and self awareness measures, we need to be mindful of the basic human need for connection and social interaction.
It is in times of fear, anxiety and the unknown, that catastrophising sets in. I’ve done this recently myself… ‘What if a loved one gets it?’ ‘What if I pass it on to someone vulnerable?’ ‘What if the shops run out of food?’ ‘What if I lose my job?’
All very real and critical questions but ones for which we just don’t have the answers right now.
But what we do know is that, in a time where we are being asked to work together for the sake of the vulnerable in our community, to look after others, we first have to look after ourselves!
The natural inclination right now is for us to imagine the worse – the head goes into a tailspin… irrational thinking prevails. So much so that it can paralyse the body with fear and anxiety making every day tasks seem daunting and overwhelming.
It is in times like this that we need connection! We need to know our social support systems are still present, even if through technology.
With this in mind, and stepping out of my own comfort zone to go in front of the camera, I am delighted to offer free mindfulness sessions over the coming weeks to anyone interested in learning how to step back from catastrophising to focus on the here and now, so we can accept the sitautaions we find ourselves in, and strengthen our spirit and resolve to get through it together.
No previous experience of meditation or mindfulness required. Just download the Zoom App and click  www.susankeane.ie 
The first session is live on Wed 25th March at 11am. Sit in, watch, silently observe, participate… whatever works for you!
Hope you can join me.
Stay safe.