The Mindful Connection

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The Mindful Connection supports organisations to build sustainable Mindfulness At Work initiatives, and complements existing workplace mindfulness training.

The Mindful Connection provides a space to participate in a guided meditation and explore how a workplace competency can be strengthened through mindfulness.

Themes to Explore


Presence In Leading

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The Power of Pause

Mindful Communication

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Managing Emotions In The Workplace

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Psychological Safety

compassion workplace random act of kindness

Compassion In The Workplace

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Unconscious Bias


How it works

The Mindful Connection lasts forty five minutes. Within this time, a short guided meditation practice take place followed by an appreciative inquiry. A safe space is required to support an enriching appreciative inquiry; therefore, sessions are not recorded. The appreciative inquiry affords participants the space to explore how the mindfulness practice lands and draws out learnings from the guided meditation.


  • A short, guided meditation
  • Followed by a reflective session
  • Exploration of a work competency that mindfulness strengthens
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“The course helped me to connect mindfulness practice to the workplace in a way I have not previously explored.

It was a great balance between theory and mindfulness practice.”

S. Finn Manager Slack