The Mindful Break

Why a live mindful break?

A live mindful break provides an opportunity for employees to step back from the busy day, collectively create space, and nurture a habit that strengthens self-awareness. The activity of tuning in together for a short meditation practice deepens connections, and actively encourages employees to take time out to practice self-care.

Research shows that even a short ten-minute daily mindful breathing practice enhances prefrontal cortex activation, which is that part of the brain responsible for a range of complex functions, including emotional regulation and processing skills.

It is recommended that the live mindfulness break sessions are part of an integrated approach to implementing mindfulness at work initiatives.

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The Benefits

  • Embeds a practice that promotes clarity of thought, creativity, and resilience
  • Cultivates a habit of pausing, finding space
  • Reduces the ‘hurried mentality
  • Promotes staff engagement through reflective discussions

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