The Mindfulness In Business Series

What is The Mindfulness In Business Series?

The Mindfulness in Business Series is mindfulness training with a strong focus on mindfulness in the context of the workplace.  The course was developed by combining the latest research with decades of knowledge acquired from working in businesses and advising organisations on workplace wellbeing strategies.

This is a practical course that provides an understanding of key workplace stressors and teaches staff how to integrate mindfulness techniques into their workday.

Mindfulness strengthens resilience and builds self and social awareness, all essential skills required to manage complex pressurised work environments.

The MIBS provides a systematic and safe approach to integrating an organisational approach to mindfulness at work training.

Also, the course creates space for participants to explore and develop a roadmap to implement an organisational approach to workplace mindfulness training.

The Mindfulness in Business Series can be tailored to support teams in collectively integrating mindfulness tools into their work processes.  The challenges of maintaining connections with colleagues and building collaborative teams in a hybrid working environment are explored. Mindfulness, when implemented in a safe and sustainable way, deepens connections, enhances communication, and creates a work environment where individuals feel safe expressing challenging perspectives which results in innovative solutions.

Google’s Project Aristotle psychological safety ranks as a key determinant of team success. Mindfulness cultivates connection, and supports psychological safety.

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• 6 x 90 mins modules over six weeks, using teacher lead and experiential learning tools

• Guided meditations and course notes are provided

How you benefit from this course

  • Understand what mindfulness is and the science of mindfulness
  • Cultivate self and social awareness
  • Build practical tools to manage workplace stress
  • Deepen communication skills
  • Explore practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your business workplace

“The course was structured very well. I found Susan to be open and accepting, so that I and everyone could voice genuine thoughts and ideas around mindfulness and about our experiences at work.

Through the homework, we developed a start in practicing the methods taught. This helped to build a routine to start making mindfulness a part of my life.”

Sandra Dinneen, Project Manager Vistatec