The Mindfulness In Business Series

What is The Mindfulness In Business Series?

The Mindfulness in Business Series focuses on developing a workplace approach to mindfulness training.  The purpose of this training is to  integrate mindful habits into the workday which build a sustainable organisational approach to mindfulness.

The Mindfulness in Business Series combines our expertise working in and understanding the workplace and with the latest research. The training adopts both an individual and team approach to training. Individuals are supported in cultivating a personal practice both in formal and informal ways, with a particular focus on micro workplace practices.  The training expands the focus to developing skills on integrating a team mindful approach.

Research from Reitz and Chaskalson, 2020 found with team mindfulness, the team become more aware and accepting of itself as a team.  Its members are collectively aware of the team’s objectives, tasks, roles and dynamics. That awareness emerges as a result of the team regularly paying attention to these factors openly and non judgementally.  ( Reitz, Chaskalson, 2020).

Essentially mindfulness awareness taps into the collective intelligence of the group.

The science is robust on the individual benefits of mindfulness in terms of strengthening mental resilience and building awareness. In terms of team benefits emerging research suggest short mindful breathing practices at the beginning of short daily meetings improves team effectiveness, and the Kalapa Institute found a range of team competencies improved including collaboration when a blended approach* to mindfulness training was adopted.

*individual personal practice, and workplace mindful practices adopted.

Google’s Project Aristotle psychological safety ranks as a key determinant of team success. Mindfulness cultivates connection, and supports psychological safety.

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Why Invest in Mindfulness Training?

  1. Increases Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health
  2. Builds Team Trust
  3. Strengthens Connectivity
  4. Builds Psychological Safety in Teams
  5. Increases Team Productivity

Key Outputs

  • Understand mindfulness and the science that underpins it
  • Increase participant self and social awareness
  • Strengthen skills to manage workplace stress
  • Deepen communication skills
  • Roadmap on integrating team mindful habits

The Format

  • 6 x 90 minute modules over six weeks, using teacher lead and experiential learning tools
  • Guided meditations and course notes are provided
  • Participants have access to course webinars ( the live training is not recorded)
  • Access to the live Mindful Connection event

“The course was structured very well. I found Susan to be open and accepting, so that I and everyone could voice genuine thoughts and ideas around mindfulness and about our experiences at work.

Through the homework, we developed a start in practicing the methods taught. This helped to build a routine to start making mindfulness a part of my life.”

Sandra Dinneen, Project Manager Vistatec