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National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023 : How To Support Your Employees on April 28th and beyond.

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When is National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023?

National Workplace Wellbeing Day takes place on Friday April 28th 2023. This day offers companies a moment to rebalance and refocus on supports that will benefit employees’ social, mental and physical wellbeing. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the importance of wellbeing in the workplace at a national level, to educate all stakeholders and help employers evolve and excel in their wellbeing initiatives. 

What is Workplace Wellbeing?

Workplace wellbeing relates to all aspects of working life, from the quality and safety of the working environment, to how employees feel about their work, the culture and organisation. By investing in employee wellbeing, companies can create a more sustainable and successful business model. 

Benefits of Workplace Wellbeing

By prioritising workplace wellbeing, companies can improve productivity, reduce healthcare costs, improve employee retention, and create a positive company culture.

  1. Improved productivity: When employees are healthy and happy, they are more productive. This is because they are less likely to take sick days or experience burnout. They are also more likely to be engaged and motivated, which can lead to increased creativity and innovation.
  2. Reduced healthcare costs: Companies that prioritise workplace wellbeing may see a reduction in healthcare costs. By promoting health and wellness in the workplace, employees can reduce stress and stress related illnesses. Companies can also reduce the risk of workplace injuries and accidents. 
  3. Better employee retention: A company that prioritises employee wellbeing is more likely to retain its employees. This is because employees who feel supported and valued are more likely to stay with their employer for longer. Which in turn helps companies save money on recruitment and training costs. 
  4. Positive company culture: Workplace wellbeing can help create a positive company culture. When employees feel valued and engaged, it can lead to a more collaborative and positive work environment.

Ideas for National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023

This year’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day is fast approaching. It’s a great opportunity to introduce employees to wellbeing initiatives, which may include activities and programmes designed to create a healthier and more engaged workforce. 

So if you’re searching for ideas for the day, below are some activities that will make your employees feel valued and supported on April 28th and beyond.  

  1. Mindfulness Speaker Guest Speaker: A mindfulness speaker can provide employees with the tools and techniques to incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives, both in and out of the workplace. By learning to be more present and aware, employees can improve their mental health and reduce the risk of burnout. In addition, a mindfulness speaker can help employees build resilience and improve their ability to cope with stressors at work. 
  1. Organise a group exercise session: A lunchtime walk or group exercise session is a great way to promote the importance of physical wellbeing. Why not host yoga sessions throughout the day where employees can stretch, relax and feel the benefits of yoga. 
  1. Host a healthy breakfast and/or nutrition talk: Treat your employees to a healthy breakfast when they arrive in the morning or give the gift of a fresh fruit and snack pack. Hire a guest speaker who can give helpful tips and advice on nutrition to staff throughout the day. 
  1. Give the gift of wellness: A wellness kit gift is a nice way to celebrate the day. This may comprise small wellness treats such as green tea and healthy snacks as well as positive affirmation cards, spa products or fitness accessories. 

Susan Keane – Mindfulness Speaker

Susan Keane is a mindfulness coach, adviser, speaker and educator who empowers organisations to promote and sustain wellbeing within their workplaces. She has worked for over twenty-five years in a wide range of organisations including VHI, Enet and Siemens. 

Susan recognises that mindfulness is a force for positive change in the workplace, when implemented in a safe and sustainable way. If you are interested in booking Susan as a mindfulness speaker for National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2023, you can enquire HERE.

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