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Pandemic and Business Disruption

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The pandemic is a major disruptor of the 21st Century. In addition to the human hardship it’s causing, businesses have no choice but to re-evaluate how they do business. The pandemic highlighted the importance of managing mental health and wellbeing.  Organisations are facing increasing anxiety,  fear, and stress amongst employees.  Additionally navigating blended working adds further to the disconnect being felt in organisations.

The competitiveness and the survival of organisations are determined by their employees and how each individual is managed.  Building an emotionally intelligent organisation is a necessity for the 21st century.

Research shows that high emotional intelligence is associated with better health generally, and many aspects of good mental wellbeing. People with higher emotional intelligence typically have better moods and are better equipped to repair their mood after a negative experience.

Also, science demonstrates individuals can increase their emotional intelligence.  Building emotional intelligence enables individuals to identify barriers that inhibit them from attaining their true potential.  It improves a range of skills including self-management, self-awareness, and relationship management. Building emotional capital through coaching enables employees to draw on competencies that enhance decision-making and unleashes an individual’s true potential.

“…work ourselves free of our inhibitions and find we have more resources than we thought..in great catastrophes and crises, people astonish themselves…”

William James, King’s College London

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR)  is a valuable tool for developing leaders with strong emotional intelligence. Partnering with  RosheMartin, the developers and providers of the ECR tool, and using our signature strengths in building impactful corporate wellbeing cultures we provide the expertise in supporting your organisation to strengthen its emotional capital.

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