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Coaching available on the below topics:
  1. Team Coaching
  2. Executive Mindful Coaching
  3. Introductory Coaching Session

Team Coaching

Team coaching explores the dynamics at work within a group of individuals. We provide coaching tools that help teams understand and appreciate the nuances at work within different business units/teams in your organisation. Team coaching facilitates better engagement and communications within the group.  It supports members in understanding the strengths and weaknesses within a team and provides clarity around how other parts of the business works.  This expedites a solution driven response from teams.

Package Includes

  • Pre-screening questionnaire
  • 3 * Hour Facilitation Workshop underpinned by coaching tools and mindfulness tools
  • Number of workshops dependent on the complexity of issues

Executive Mindful Coaching

Provides an independent psychological safe space to explore and challenge your ideas and behaviours which enhances your decision making. Executive Mindful Coaching gives you space and tools to self-reflect and supports you in obtaining your goals and values.  Weaving mindfulness into the process enhances self-awareness and nurtures authenticity into the process. My coaching methods provide an independent psycological safe space to explore and challenge your ideas and behaviors which enhances clarity around decision making. 
  • Includes free introductory session
  • 1:1 one-hour Coaching session
  • Includes mindful practices, breathing techniques, effective coaching tools and personality profiling.
  • Recommendation minimum 6 sessions.

Introductory Coaching Session

€100 per hour, introductory session free.
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