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The Mindful Connection – May 12th at 10am to 10:45am

May 12, 2022 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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A Network For People Interested in Building Sustainable Mindfulness at Work Initiatives.

There was a strong turnout for Ibec’s 8th National Workplace Wellbeing Day mindfulness sessions I facilitated.  There is a growing interest in mindfulness at work initiatives.  The Mindful Connection provides an opportunity explore mindfulness and how you can be apply it to your workday.


At the last Mindful Connection, there was consensus amongst participants on the value of group practice and creating a safe space to explore mindfulness through experiential learning.

Vulnerability was explored during the reflective time. What does it mean? How does vulnerability benefit the workplace? And ways on how mindfulness supports vulnerability? Participants used the following words to describe vulnerability:

– Being authentic
– Showing up acknowledging fears
= Acknowledging your strengths and Limitations

In Breni Brown’s book Dare to Lead she writes to be vulnerable you need to take off your armour. Vulnerability is about emotional exposure. Only when a psychologically safe work environment is present will employees show up being their authentic selves. Without the safe space, employees will continue to wear their armour. Vulnerability builds trust and deepens relationships. Creating a team where participants can be vulnerable makes for challenging discussion, supports creativity, and opens people to change.
However, one participant rightly pointed out, employees and leaders alike need to embrace vulnerability for it to impact change and create a supportive workplace culture.
Group discussion explored how mindfulness teaches self-awareness skills which gives you insight into your vulnerability, and how vulnerability feels for you. Such information supports you in relating wisely to your vulnerable self.
It was agreed within the Mindful Connection community vulnerability is a strength of character. It is brave to show up and acknowledge your fear at work. However, unless leaders create a safe space for employees to be vulnerable, it won’t happen.

A great discussion took place at the last Mindful Connection. After group practice and the appreciative inquiry session, participants shared their experiences. The infamous mute on error happened during part of the guidance 0: and this made for an interesting discussion on how this experience landed with participants.

Presence, self-awareness, and social awareness are skills we cultivate through regular mindfulness practice, which contributes to building emotional capital. Such skills are a necessity as organisations manage the challenges posed by the pandemic and navigate remote working.

The reflective theme was on how to cultivate presence and self-awareness in the workplace. The following key points emerged from the group.


  1. Encourage a minute pause before a meeting.
  2. Purposely, with awareness ground yourself before a conversation to cultivate deep listening.
  3. When finding you are rushing through tasks, PAUSE, intentionally take a few deep breaths, redirect the attention to the task at hand.
  4. Consciously acknowledge and celebrate your achievements.
  5. Reflect, non-judgementally when events don’t go as planned, be aware but do not let the inner self-critic dominate should it arise.
  6. Notice when the monkey mind is driving behaviour.

Following a guided meditation, a reflection we explored how mindfulness supports psychological safety in the workplace. A discussion was facilitated on what psychological safety in the workplace meant.  The following words were shared.

  1. Free to speak up
  2. To challenge
  3. To voice concern without fear
  4. Emotional exposure
  5. Vulnerability (we spoke about this in our last mindful connection)
  6. From a team perspective – honest open dialogue


The discussion evolved with participants sharing the benefits of creating a  psychological safe workplace.

  • People can be themselves
  • Deepens diversity and inclusion – free to give your perspective your opinion counts
  • Leads to creativity innovation
  • All types of feedback is welcomed and seen as constructive
  • Mistakes are not hidden – people learn from them –
  • Fosters a growth mindset
      • Open to change
      • Confidence
      • Curiosity
  • Builds trust
  • Deepens relationships, which can be very powerful particularly in challenging environments where we are navigating remote working.
  • Being vulnerable opens you to change
  • Facilitates open and tough discussions – removes the blame, shame ego.
  • Vulnerability – showing our fears requires courage – it’s a strength

The Format

  • A mindfulness practice, followed by an appreciative inquiry session
  • Group discussion on mindfulness at work theme

Target Audience

The network is suitable for anyone interested in implementing workplace mindfulness-based initiatives.

We do not record the sessions, to develop a community and collaborative approach we encourage participants to leave their cameras on during the interactive sessions.



Susan Keane will be facilitating The Mindful Connection. Susan has over twenty-five years of experience advising corporates on sustainable wellbeing strategies and specialises in providing training to build emotional intelligence skills. Susan is a coach and an Ibec KeepWell Mark consultant.  Growing research demonstrates presence and self-awareness are essential components of great leaders which are skills that are strengthened through coaching and mindfulness tools.

Susan is a member of the MTAI and is chairperson of the MTAI’s Workplace Mindfulness Group. The purpose of this working group is to develop standards around implementing workplace mindfulness-based initiatives that adhere to the MTAI’s Code of Practice.

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