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“Mindfulness creates cultures where decision making is made not from the busyness of the moment, but with clarity and presence that benefits employee wellbeing, the business and the wider community.” Susan Keane

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness has a role in supporting workplace wellbeing and creating cultures where decision making is made not from the busyness of the moment, but with clarity and presence that benefits employees, business and the wider community.



Mindfulness improves staff productivity by increasing self-awareness, strengthening emotional regulation and enhancing mental clarity resulting in better decision-making.



Mindfulness improves mental resilience by cultivating healthy habits to mange workplace stressors.



Mindful communication promotes active listening and good conversational turn taking practices. These behaviours promote connection between employees, which strengthens team collaboration.



Mindfulness increases job satisfaction by encouraging present moment experiences on the tasks on hand, rather than getting caught up with worries about past or future events. Mindfulness is the antidote to presentism.

Accredited Coach Specialising in Supporting Middle Managers

Transform your life and work with personalised mindful coaching to overcome self-limiting beliefs and strengthen emotional intelligence. As a certified ECR Partners Directory member, I specialise in integrating a mindful approach to the globally acclaimed ECR coaching framework. Such skills enable you to identify blind spots and tap into your potential. Book your one-to-one coaching session to explore how mindfulness cultivates calm, clarity, and resilience in facing challenges.




Susan has worked for over twenty-five years in a wide range of organisations, with first-hand experience working directly for corporates in operational, team lead and director roles. She understands businesses, particularly the challenges of middle management.

Short Grounding Practice

By Susan Keane

Clients include

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1:1 Mindful Coaching

Susan’s coaching integrates a mindful approach that enables clients to safely tap into their inner dialogue and emotional landscape and identify actions to unlock their potential.

Workplace Mindfulness Training

The Mindfulness in Business Series and the Mindful Connection are designed to deliver a sustainable and impactful approach to workplace mindfulness training.

Workplace Wellbeing

Expert in advising on creating engaging corporate wellness plans that align with your organisation’s culture.

Mindfulness Speaker

Susan adopts a practical and motivational approach when addressing audiences on how mindfulness enhances personal wellbeing and professional competencies.

Our Training

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The Mindfulness in Business Series

This training builds mindfulness skills that strengthens employee resilience, enhances communications and builds emotional intelligence which contributes to building agile and productive teams.


The Mindful Connection

The Mindful Connection provides an opportunity to explore short workplace mindfulness practices and facilities conversations on how mindfulness strengthens workplace competencies. The purpose of this training is to build on and compliment existing workplace mindfulness training.


The Mindful Break

The activity of tuning in together for a short meditation practice deepens connections, and actively encourages employees to take time out to practice self-care.

Clients' Feedback

  • Marcus Hufsky

    “This course was engaging, interesting and very useful. Susan Keane provided participants with practical tips & tools and was very tuned into our own work experiences and environment. I would highly recommend this course”

    Irish Wheelchair Association
  • Brendan Kelly

    “Susan is very passionate about wellness and constantly promotes the wellness agenda and more importantly understands how wellness contributes to both the hard financial measurements and to employee welfare and engagement levels.”

    Manager Vhi
  • Eddie Mullins

    “Susan worked with a number of our staff in Mountjoy, bringing the first MBSR programme to an Irish prison. She has been inspirational and has created a fantastic platform for us to develop and embed a culture of wellness and employee engagement. I hope to work with Susan again in the near future.”

    Governor, Mountjoy Prison
  • L McGee

    “I found the mindfulness course both engaging, interactive and encouraging for the future of wellbeing and good communication within oneself and the companies.”

    Trade Relations Manager BsB Ireland
  • Participant

    “…it was good to talk with colleagues about the stresses of work in a very open and honest way and feel that Susan created an atmosphere of trust which allowed this communication…”

    Mountjoy Prison Officer
  • S. Finn

    “The course helped me to connect the practice of mindfulness to the workplace in a way I have not previously explored. It was a great balance between theory and practice of mindfulness.”

    Manager Customer Success Slack

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